Kim Elsner

Autumn Breeze Dressage

(303) 917-0094

Building a trusting and loving relationship between horse and rider

Training for trust and success

A Colorado Native, Kim's in depth knowledge into the Equine realm accompanied by the unique and gentle training methods, promotes a broader foundation to build upon where anything becomes possible. Allowing for a more comprehensive relationship between horse and rider that assists toward higher levels with ease. As unique as each horse is, so too, is their owner. Kim works patiently with both at their own level to achieve their goals while keeping it fun and never forgetting why we got into this business in the first place; because we absolutely adore these amazing animals!


Full time and part time training plans are available


Specializing in teaching the rider position and effectiveness and building a partnership between horse and rider


Giving you the confidence to succeed and have fun in the show ring



With understanding and correctness to move up the levels with confidence