Client Testimonials...

Linda Ordonez and Hermosa

    "When I came to CastleRock Farms I was a beginner with little or no knowledge about horses. I began taking riding lessons with Jesse Ramirez. From the beginning, Jesse has shared his vast knowledge about the training of horses and their riders. I learned ground work, grooming, equipment, tacking up a horse, riding, washing, and general care for a horse.

    He teaches a mixture of horse and human psychology with practical knowledge and techniques, always caring for the safety of the rider, and keeping it interesting with a mood of fun. Jesse has been a very patient and kind teacher to me, as well as to all of the horses. I do not think I would have been able to progress this far if it had not been for my teacher and friend Jesse Ramirez. I will be forever grateful.

Christine Steiner
  and Xena

    Xena came from a tranquil backyard environment into the active, bustling, beautiful Castle Rock Farm. The stimulation of the new place proved to be too much. Within the first week, she turned from a compliant, peaceful horse to a high strung mare. Riding Xena was akin to sitting on a time bomb ready to explode.  I needed a major dose of tranquilizer, one for me and one for my horse or I could hire Jesse Ramirez, as recommended by fellow stable mates, which seemed a much better option.

    Jesse worked with her for one month and turned my out of control horse back into the lovely creature she really is. With Jesse’s consistent training and very calm demeanor she adjusted and learned. Jesse is always available to answer any questions, willing to give advice, and greets you with a smile when you arrive at the farm. 



Jesse Ramirez

Jesse Ramirez is one of CastleRock's resident trainers and also our Manager.  He specializes in starting young horses and bombproofing horses for his clients.    

With over 30 years experience in the horse industry, Jesse has developed his own unique training philosophy.  His goal is for the owner be able to ride and handle their own horse independently and safely by instilling confidence in both the horse and rider.

Jesse has many years of experience training and showing gaited horses and has trained many different breeds of horses.  He can retrain older horses and correct bad habits.  

Jesse offers riding lessons for beginners and advanced riders, children and adults.  He has horses available for lessons and can teach barrel racing, trail riding, English riding and Western riding. 

For further information regarding lessons or training, please contact Jesse at (805) 428-5986 or the CastleRock Farms Office at (805) 552-0201.

Client Testimonials...

Patti Picciano and Cochise

    I went through four trainers before finding Jesse.  I had given up hope.  Jesse brought my horse and me together as a team when no-one else could.  Jesse's patience and experience helped me enjoy riding again.  He has given me the confidence I need to enjoy being an owner again.  Jesse Ramirez, my Trainer, my Friend!"


Michelle Sobisky and Bella

    "Before I found Jesse, I was a timid girl with a big angry horse. I had very poor riding skills and my horse terrified me. My horse (Bella) had no manners, and at times could be very dangerous. Everyone told me to talk to Jesse before I did anything. I put Bella in training and within three days could already see a difference.

            Now, thanks to Jesse, my riding skills are drastically better, and me and my horse have an unbreakable bond. Because of Jesse, I not only have more confidence in horses, but also in myself. He has inspired and taught me so much."