Jane Guzman
B.H.S.I. (T. & S.M.)

Jane and Woodstock

"When you meet a horse, the first thing you should do is make friends with it."

Known as  ‘The Horse-One-Ship' Clinician

Jane Guzman B.H.S.I. (T. & S.M.), originally from Scotland, has spent a lifetime with horses and riders.  Jane competed successfully in the United Kingdom and Ireland in dressage, eventing and ridden hunter classes.  She coaches riders to develop a better understanding of their equine partner. Jane’s positive, classical approach to riding and training helps riders achieve their goals, both on the flat and over fences.  Horses that work through Jane’s program develop increased quality, success and longevity. 

Jane studied with the British Olympic Dressage trainer back in the 1970’s.  She holds British Horse Society Instructor Certificates in Teaching and Stable Management.  Graduating to Chief Examiner status with the British Horse Society, as well as becoming an approved Dressage Judge and Irish Hunter Judge, allowed Jane entry to the U.S. with an Extraordinary Ability Visa as a ‘Trainer of Trainers’.  


Jane has made such a big difference in my relationship with my horse. She started out as a stiff, scaredy cat, and Jane has transformed her into a floaty, jumping machine.   I've never had a riding coach/trainer like Jane.  Her expertise and patience has helped me overcome my fear of jumping. Her consistent encouragement has transformed my partnership with my horse into something I only dreamed about.    Lisa Pincus

Over the past 5 years, I have watched Jane take horses of varying breed, conformation, age, temperament and challenges, and use a customized, logical, effective approach for each individual horse.  Her extensive background, extraordinary training and experience, and her complete understanding of the mind and body of the horse result in every horse improving significantly, both physically and mentally.  Her patient and methodical teaching methods allow riders to not only know what to do, but to understand why, and how each movement and exercise helps their horse. Anyone can force a horse to do something.  Jane TEACHES horses how to do everything.   Claire Massey

Jane has an extraordinary ability to connect to each horse and rider.  She customizes each lesson to fit the needs of the pair for that particular day.  She not only teaches the rider, but teaches the rider how to train the horse.  Every moment of her lessons is filled with a purpose.  She is a trainer that truly empowers the rider.  Allie Ester

Chester and I love our trainer. Jane takes a holistic approach to riding focusing on the connection between the rider and the horse using the classic training scales of dressage as the basis. The emphasis is on improving both rider and horse step by step to achieve a long-lasting relationship between rider and horse.      Margret Frankcom


If you would like to meet Jane, audit a lesson or schooling ride, or meet Jane’s 30 year old champion eventing horse, Woodstock, feel free to contact her at janeaguzman@gmail.com or follow her on Facebook:


Allie Ester, Assistant Trainer


Allie has been riding with Jane for many years.  She offers English riding lessons to beginning and novice riders.  Lessons on your horse, or her Paint mare, Missy, a safe, sane, wonderful horse on which to learn. 

You can contact Allie at 805-637-6652.



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